4 Ways to Influence the Raising of Godly Children


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One of the toughest jobs on the planet outside of being a pastor is being a parent.  Children enter this world not having a choice as to who will be their parents and in like manner parents don’t have a choice of who their child is at birth.  We can’t determine if we have a boy or girl, if our children will be smart or athletic, etc., but what we can influence is whether or not our children will become Godly people.  As a father of an almost twenty one year old son and a nineteen year old daughter I would like to share 4 ways that I have attempted to influence my children through the years so that they become Godly.photo-1442115597578-2d0fb2413734 (1)


1. Don’t preach to them live Godly before them

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7 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom That Help Me in Ministry and in the Market Place!


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“Turn your radio down when you drive up to a business!”  These are words that I hear every time I pull up to a business, store, church, etc. because when my mom would ride with me when I was much younger she would always tell me that as I would blast Commissioned, John P. Kee, or any of my favorite gospel groups.  Just the other day as I was pulling into the parking lot of a company I heard my mom’s voice share that phrase again and with mothers day being this Sunday it prompted me to share 7 life lessons I learned from my mom that help me in ministry and the market place.

mom day 2016

1.  Make every child feel as if they are your favorite

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My Top 7 Ministry Resources


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There are a ton of administrative and creative task that must get done within a church or ministry each week.  Many of these task, etc are often delegated or completed by those of us as pastors.  Throughout my ministry I have not always had a large staff with me, however I have learned to use low or no cost ministry tools that have helped me spread the Gospel and or manage the ministry that has grown as a result of preaching the Gospel. No matter what the size of your church there are some great resources today that can help take you and your ministry to the next level.  This week I would like to share with you my top 7 ministry resources that have been a real blessing to me and the Transparent Church.

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Photo Compliments of Unsplash by Joao Silas

1. Clover Sites

I am amazed at the number of pastors and church planters today who do not see the value in having a web presence in the form of a church or ministry website.  Today’s seekers or individuals looking to visit a church will look to visit your website long before they decide to come to your church.  Clover Sites has been a great resource as the developers of our church website.  I used a different company when we planted the church that was large in nature and specialized in church sites, however when at the Catalyst Conference I was introduced to the Clover Sites team, I was blown away at what I received in comparison.  I am a loyal person when I do business or anything for that matter, but when I learned that I could cut my hosting fees in half and get a lot of options included in my package that my previous company charged me extra for it was a done deal to switch.  You may be like me when I was in my first church.  I had a friend who was a web designer so I let him design our site, however because it was not developed in the manner of Clover Sites I had to wait until he got around to us to make changes to our site.   Continue reading

5 Ways to keep yourself motivated when others are looking to you for motivation

Another week has flown by, and my head is spinning as I reflect on all I have to get done this weekend and the coming week.  Places to go, people to see, messages to deliver, hospital visits to make, parents and children to care for, etc.  As I am thinking about myself I am also thinking about you.  I know how hard it is to be there for others when you wish someone was there for you, but because you and I are leaders we can’t help but think about others.  With that being said it is difficult to motivate others each week when you are not motivated.  Through the years I have found five ways of keeping myself motivated, so that I may continue to motivate others.


1. Look for new ways to do old things

There are countless mundane task or routines that we have to do on a daily basis, but just because that it the case it doesn’t mean that you have to keep doing things the same old way.  You would be surprised at how trying a new system or a new process to do an old task will motivate you.  A couple of weeks Continue reading

My Top 5 Tips For Preparing For Easter Service



It seems like it was just Christmas yesterday and here we are already at Easter weekend. Although we as pastors look forward to seeing a spike in attendance on Easter Sunday, seeing many of our members who we haven`t  seen all year long, and potentially having one of our highest financial Sunday`s of the year there is also a lot of stress that comes with Easter Sunday.  This week I would like to share with you my top five tips for preparing for a great Easter Sunday service.


Photo by Aaron Burden compliments of Unsplash.com

1. Get as many people involved as possible

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5 Reasons Why I Love the Game of Golf!


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The driver goes back and connects with the ball as I look up to see what appears to be a ball that flies right by me.  A half a second later I see another ball take off.  This was the scenario a few years back when I was introduced to the game of golf.  Now in reality what I thought was the first ball was actually my club head from my driver and it landed in the water in front of me that I was trying to cross to get land on the fairway.  My ball actually rolled only 10 feet in front of me.  I would now have to make a miraculous 2nd shot to have any chance of paring the hole.  You might ask why would someone continue to play a game that is so hard.  Well let me answer that question in this weeks post with the 5 reasons why I love the game of golf! Continue reading

10 Secret Strategies for Handeling Stress


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As I prepare for yet another day of all day meetings I can`t help but think about how fast another week has gone by.  The only day that shows up quicker than Friday is Sunday morning. Having to prepare weekly messages and deal with funerals, weddings, and your own family events and challenges can lead to a lot of stress in the life of a pastor and person in general.  Dealing with the demands that come with being a pastor and attempting to be there for everyone else can literally stress you out.  If not addressed stress can lead to things like over eating, heart attacks, and high blood pressure just to name a few.  As I often find myself in the midst of a stressful week like many of you as pastors I wanted to share my top strategies that I have developed over the past twenty one years of preaching that has helped me handle stress. Continue reading

My top 5 Lessons Learned from Supt. F.L. Mitchell


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It takes a special person to deal with the highs and lows of ministry.  As I reflect on some of the greatest preachers, pastors, and leaders of our time I can’t help but focus on the life of one of the greatest preacher pastors that I had the chance to watch up close and personal.  Supt. Fred L. Mitchell passed away just a few days ago and I as I begin to reflect on his life I also began thinking about how he influenced mine.  I had the opportunity to know him a little better than most because he was one of my favorite uncles.  Supt. Mitchell was the first of my grandparents children to enter the family business as a preacher and he took great pride in that fact.  As one of the most naturally gifted preachers that I have ever seen I would often study him and ask him questions pertaining to how he ministered the way in which he did.  This weeks blog installment is an opportunity for me to share with you just a few of the many lessons I learned from Supt. F.L. Mitchell.    Here are my top 5 lessons learned from my uncle the great Supt. F.L: Mitchell. Continue reading

My Top 5 Reasons Why A Pastor’s Car Can Be Their Best Friend


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In yet another busy week I had the opportunity to share in an interview at North Lake College for Black History Month in the form of a leadership profile.  While I was being interviewed I shared with the reporter how important my car was to me being able to get everything done and meet the demands of a bi-vocational pastor.  The interview made me think that it might me helpful to you to hear my top 5 reasons why a pastor’s car can be their best friend.

1.  Learning time

In a day and time when life seems to get busier and busier, if you and I are not careful we will put our personal professional development on hold.   Continue reading

My Top 7 Recommendations For Improving Your Preaching and Public Speaking


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Man Preaching

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Picture with me that moment we have all experienced.  The time right after the benediction of a service that you have preached or right after the closing remarks at a banquet or conference were you were the keynote speaker.  You know the time I am speaking of when everything is done and you greet the church members or the public and you begin shaking hands and it starts.  That moment when someone comes up to you and says “I really enjoyed your sermon” or “that was a good talk.”  On the surface there is nothing wrong with either comment, however I must admit to you that there have been times in  my pastorate and life as a public speaker that I heard those words, but didn’t believe what the person said.   Continue reading